2013 World Cup Finals, 12th Place

2013 Fall Selection, 5th Place

2013 National Championships, Silver Medalist

2013 World Cup Granada, Bronze Medalist

2013 Spring Selection, Silver Medalist

2012 Olympic Games, 11th Place

2012 World Cup Tucson, Gold Medalist

2011 World Clay Target Championship, 6th Place

2010 Championship of the Americas, 6th Place

2010 World Championship, 8th Place

2010 National Championship, Bronze Medalist

2010 World Cup Acapulco, Silver Medalist

2009 National Championship, Gold Medalist

2008 Olympic Games, Bronze Medalist

2008 U.S. Olympic Trials, 1st Place

2007 Pan American Games, Bronze Medalist

2007 World Cup Korea, Bronze Medalist

2007 National Championship, Bronze Medalist